Gate Hardware

Handles & Latches

At Gateshead Wrought Iron we can provide a range of handles & latches to suit your style and budget.

A note about latches and locksets

This page is a general guide for common choices of latches used at Gateshead Wrought Iron

Whilst there is a nearly endless options of latches, locks, bolts, handles and leversets on the market – not all locks are suitable for use as a gate lock. Standard door locksets are designed for use in controlled environments (like entrance or internal doors) where clearances around door are minimal (3mm).
Used in a gate scenario this can mean the gate does not latch correctly as the gate settles or ground moves.

The locks listed on this page are carefully selected as products designed for use in gates and outdoor weather. They have either long latch-bolt throw or are adjustable.

If you have your heart set on a particular style not shown it is recommended to research and select your own lock however please consult us first as some designs may not work in chosen gate/door frame.

Basic D Latch

The basic gate latch option. Cost effective.
Can be locked with a padlock through the hole in the lower side of the D shape

Budget: $

Gothic Latch

Gothic Ring latch

A classic style ring latch. Can be opened from either side of gate without reaching over. Open by turning the ring which lifts the arm.

Available black or chrome. Not lockable

Budget: $$

LokkLatch General Purpose

An affordable key lockable latch. Only operable from one side.

 Budget: $$

LokkLatch Deluxe

Key lockable latch which can be opened and locked/unlocked from either side.

Budget: $$$

Locinox Ornamental lock

A quality name brand decorative wrought iron style handle and lock set. 

Aluminium housing and stainless-steel mechanism. Available in black or coloured to match.

Suit gate frames 30mm to 80mm thick or flatbar frames 6-10mm 

Budget: $$$$$

Screen Door Lock

A standard screen door style lock and handle.

The only option for slim screen doors with frame size 20mm x 50mm

Allows retrofit of wrought iron screen door to replace aluminium screen door in existing jamb.

Budget: $$$

Locinox In-Frame Lock

Sleek in frame lock and handle. Only compatible with 40mm or 50mm door/gate frame. 

A quality short backset mortice lock. 

Stainless Steel finish

 Budget: $$$$

Gatemaster Superlock Bolt on Lock

Lock bolts on inside of frame. Suitable for frame sizes 30mm to 60mm

Available in black with rope style handle or plain rectangle handle.


 Budget: $$$$

Gatemaster Short Bolt on Lock

A shorter version of the Gatemaster Superlock. Comes in black only.

Suitable for 30mm to 60mm square frames or 10x30mm Flatbar

 Budget: $$$$


Key operated deadbolt only, no handle. Requires a lockbox to be fabricated on gate frame intruding on infill.

Frame thickness 35-40mm

Budget: $$$


Galvanised Drop Bolt

Used on double gates to keep one gate in the closed position whilst the other may freely operate
Budget: $

Lockable Drop Bolt

Key lockable drop bolt
Budget: $$$


Supply your own choice of mortice lock, key barrel, handle set, escutcheon/cover plate and keeper/striker plate.