Gate Hardware


At Gateshead Wrought Iron we can provide a range of hinges and handles to suit your style and budget

Notes regarding hinges

Most gate hinges will require some maintenance at times (grease).

Heavy, automated or gates situated near salt water should be checked and greased every 6 months to ensure continued performance.
We do not provide an ongoing maintenance service for gates.

Hinges may have variations from provided images due to supplier changes or job specifics.


Basic Ball-Bearing Hinge

The basic gate hinge option. Cost effective and visually non offensive. Provides smooth action due to it’s ball bearing which carries the weight.

Is attached on site with tek screws.

Weld on thrust bearing hinge

A quality zinc plated thrust bearing hinge provides a smooth easy motion on heavy weight gates.

These are welded onto the gate top and bottom. 

Commonly used on the bottom of heavier gates. Recommended for automated gates

Clamp Hinge

An adjustable hinge which allows the rotation axis to align with the center of the gate frame.

The pivot section is welded into the gate frame RHS


Bullet Drop Hinge

A sleek and minimal hinge. Is welded onto the gate and surrounding frame. Fitted with grease nipple for servicing.

Does not allow adjustment.

Wrought Iron style A

Wrought Iron “Style A”

A heavy duty hammered decorative wrought iron hinge. Popular and stylish option
The threaded rod bolts through the gate allowing a wide range of adjustability and flexibility to suit different gate styles.
The wall plate can be changed to suit application
Wrought Iron style B

Wrought Iron “Style B”

An ornate alternative to the bullet style hinge
Is welded onto the gate and surrounding frame. Does not allow adjustment.

Self Closing

An adjustable tension self closing hinge

Adjustable Pintle Hinge

Welded onto the gate. Provides a wide range of adjustment by turning the nut. Not a very attractive hinge but can suit some scenarios.